HyperBlade VR on steam

Hyperblade: “Local Multiplayer” Split-Screen scenario.

Local Multiplayer allows 2-4 players to play against each other in third person view on a split screen. Players are able to choose between any of the game modes and it features full keyboard+mouse and gamepad support. Players are able to choose the style of split screen they find most comfortable.

Game Modes

1. Time Attack Solo or Multiplayer Race.

Players build a personal high score list that is made up from their own races and those played against their friends. Rather than a global and impersonal high score list, the players will have a personal connection to every time on the list. Pickups are present on the map that can boost speed, mess up your controls or freeze your opponent in their spot. All the pickups have a chance of targeting the player who picks them up instead. Every choice is a gamble.

2. Multiplayer – Combat

While similar to the Time Attack mode, the combat mode adds weapons and additional combat related pickups. Drones will be Outfitted with one of three weapons, a machine gun, laser, or pulse beam weapon. Players may also pickup single use missiles And EMP mines along with repairs in addition to the regular pickups.

3. Arena – Split Screen or Multiplayer

Arena mode resembles the Arena of a first person shooter. Players spawn into random areas armed and ready to blow up their opponents. All pickups are present adding to the chaos. The arena mode lasts for a certain time limit chosen by the players before they start. At the end the one with the most kills is the winner.

4. VR

VR mode allows the player to participate in any of the single player or online multiplayer modes except in first person VR mode. VR users may freely play against non-VR users.

5. Peer to Peer multiplayer and Server Travel

Hyeprblade is based on a peer to peer multiplayer method. One player hosts a game and allows other users to connect to him for the duration of the match. The end of the match features a chat screen and if the players decide to continue on to further matches together the system allows them to move together to new maps and game modes. Both the end of the match and pre-match waiting areas feature a chat system and voice

chat is available during gameplay.



Kava-Soft was founded in June 2020.

Currently, it has 5 employees in full-time positions, with a focus on Coding / Programming, 3D Art / Level Design, 2D / Website-Design and 3D-Modeling, UV-Mapping and Animation.

Furthermore, two freelance-artists render their services whenever necessary.

Our employees are multi-national; we currently employ programmers and artists from South Korea, the United States of America, Germany and Austria.

Our staff is highly qualified and very capable. Some of our artists have worked directly with programmers and artists from studios such as VALVE Ltd., Seattle; Piranha Bytes, Bochum, Germany; and Ubisoft Sweden.

Within our range of technical solutions is the development of Real-Time Engine Applications based on Unreal Engine 4, as well as 360° Panoramic Design Tours (“Virtual Tours”) for Architectural Visualisation. We also offer many other, individual solutions to design, build and / or digitally visualize Contents.

Next to the Drone Game development, Kava-Soft is now engaged in the creation of “ArchViz” 360°-Virtual Tours, once again featuring The Unreal Engine 4 © as well as NVIDIA Ansel © and 3DVista Suite.

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One of our latest accomplishments is the development of "Virtual Tours". Using UE4© as technical backdrop to define and render our Sceneries, we use NVIDIA Ansel© to export 360° Imagery and create Live-Guided Tours on Educational Contents from these.

We create all the architectural geometry ourselves, and are working on establishing a workflow to allow us the direct import and development of architectural CAD scenes to UE4© via the DATASMITH plugin. Our goal is to be able to service Architects, Architectural Studios, Building Contractors and Real Estate Developer as well as Administrative Bodies and Public Authorites with Virtual Tours on various topics.

Our tours are without exception compatible to Desktop-PC,Notebook,Tablet andSmartphone(iOS,Android).

Free Movement: Navigate through Virtual Expositions.

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